Spanish tuition

Our general Spanish lessons will allow you to communicate easily if you travel to Spain or South America, if you want to start a new life or career in a Spanish speaking country, if you just want to make your dream come true by speaking Spanish or just  to have fun with your friends by taking up a new hobby.

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All the information you provide when contacting us, help us to make sure we deliver the best Spanish tuition to achieve the best results. We asses which leaning method suits you best and then we start designing your Spanish tuition.

Level tests are available just for prospective customers who want to learn more about their current level before starting Spanish tuition.

Our lessons cover all the necessary skills to improve your level of Spanish and we also give you an insight into Spanish Culture as we strongly believe that knowing the language means knowing the “country” and idiosyncrasy.

We create our own Spanish materials with the latest technology: we believe that “old school” teaching methods are not incompatible with new technologies. We provide our students with links to free learning resources to allow them to keep practising Spanish at home or while on the go!