Online Lessons

At Cronopios we know how difficult it is to attend and/or organise lessons and courses in London and around the world.

If your life is really busy and you think you cannot have a lesson at home or in the office or just because you want to enjoy the benefits of e-learning, we offer online Spanish lessons via Skype, Google+ Hangout, or any other platform that suits you better.

We also provide you with access to our Google Drive files with a lot of activities according to your level.

We work with four core skills to prepare you for true fluency in Spanish: listening, reading, speaking and writing. We use interesting and thought-provoking learning materials, based on real life situations, while developing cultural awareness, a key aspect of effective communication in Spanish.

We conduct our lessons in the target language, trying to keep to a minimum the use of English or any other language, with a variety of creative resources that we can adapt to different learning styles in order to meet individual needs.

We believe that planning is essential to the success of a lesson, but we also have a flexible attitude in case the lesson does not go to the plan.

We use technology to allow our students to learn Spanish virtually everywhere!

We are passionate about our profession, always happy to work with students preparing and coordinating the lessons.

We are filled with passion and a desire to get things done, supporting our students through the whole process of learning, promoting self-confidence and independence by developing enquiring minds and an appetite for knowledge in a friendly, safe, supportive, calm, caring, challenging and purposeful learning environment. We ensure our students gain essential skills for real life and can use the language for real situations, not just a mere skill to pass an exam.

We always assess our students during the first lessons not only to evaluate their level of Spanish but to learn about their learning skills and see which learning approach is more convenient for them. This is essential to getting to know the students’ abilities and to ensure we meet their needs.

We provide formative and summative feedback, helping students understand what a good work is and how it can be improved. To accurately assess students’ progress we use different types of assessments, for instance, presentations, learning portfolios, rubrics, webquests, a variety of activities such as gap filling, multiple choice, note taking, summaries, role plays, oral presentations, and so on.

No matter where you are in the world: we offer online Spanish lessons worldwide!  Contact us today for more info about our online Spanish lessons and courses, terms and conditions.